Not THAT kind of Christian

I’ve been following author and blogger Christian Piatt for a couple of years on Huffington Post, Patheos and now on a podcast he produces. He’s a pastor’s spouse thinking deeply about why so many people who crave spiritual belonging, who believe in God and are drawn to Jesus, want nothing to do with the Church. He wants to rehabilitate what it means to be Christian so that those who now roll their eyes at the mention of anything Christian might begin to realize that what offends them is every bit as offensive to Christianity itself. The problem isn’t in religion itself or in a life of faithfulness based on what’s been revealed in Jesus of Nazareth. The problem is in those who would abuse the presumed authority of God or Jesus Christ or revealed truth.

Piatt is an evangelist to “Nones, Dones and Prodigal Sons”, by which he means the religiously unaffiliated, religiously disaffected and those who’ve been pushed out of the church, judged, railroaded out, or who simply feel, based on what their church has taught them, unworthy to belong.

He’s writing a book about what a Christian can be, trying to shift the center of gravity away from where it is commonly thought to lie—in exclusivity, condemnation and small-mindedness—to a place more consistent with the open-hearted mind of a man who lived and died so that we might live and die for the sake of blessing others.

Here’s a link to his blog that will tell you more about the book, Not THAT Kind of Christian, and how to get involved in the crowdfunding project.

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